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Random Thoughts
A section of my website dedicated to my friends and I; where we gab about whatever we want and where we keep in touch.
Here you will find the wallpapers I've created using Photoshop...
Movie Reviews
Well, assuming I decide to keep doing these, this is where I will post them.
Board Games
Here you'll find the games I've played and what I thought about them.  If you're into board and card games, this is the section for you.

Welcome to Dan's Hobby Shack

10/02/06:  This website is indefinitely under "extremely slow" construction.  The only sections currently available are Random Thoughts (for me and my friends), Backgrounds, and About Me.

I am working on a photography section, which will link up my Flickr account (recently added).

My Car
A place for me to post pictures of my WRX and perhaps yap about it...Maybe even post pictures of my friends cars?  Hrmm...But, are they worthy? :P
Photos and related journalism can be found at flickr.
About Me
Oh yes, everyone wants to know MORE about the mastermind behind the Hobby Shack...Oh, come on, humor me.

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