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"So, just how smart is he," you ask?  Not only does this section give a little information about my IQ (just how accurate are IQ tests anyways?), but it tells what my strong points are...i.e. What kind of intelligence!

This is good stuff! :)

Welcome to the Mind Tests Section

leftbrain.jpg (10817 bytes)The Brain Test

Dan, you are Left-brained

Most left-brained people like you feel at ease in situations requiring verbal ability, attention to detail, and linear, analytical ability. Whether you know it or not, you are a much stronger written communicator than many, able to get your ideas across better than others.

It's also likely that you are methodical and efficient at many things that you do. You could also be good at math, particularly algebra, which is based on very strict rules that make sense to your logical mind.

Dan's thoughts: I pretty much knew this before taking the test, but the information it gives is still very interesting to read.  I'm a wrong written communicator?  Hmmm...I never thought of that (I don't write much!), but that probably goes hand in hand with my ability to make a point.

brainteaser.jpg (9109 bytes)The Brainteaser Test

Dan, you answered 26 out of 30 questions correctly!

Congratulations! Your score is in the 96th percentile. This means that if one hundred people took the test with you, your score would rank higher than 95 of them on average.

When we analyzed your test, we also discovered that when it comes to quantitative ability, you measure in the 100th percentile. This score indicates you have unusually strong abilities when it comes to solving numerical problems. If there is a numerical pattern to be found, you'll find it. You've got a knack for noticing when something "isn't right." Whether you're conscious of it or not, you have an ability to simply understand when something doesn't add up. Also, when it comes to splitting the check, doing taxes, or determining the number of fans in a baseball stadium, you're the one people turn to.

Dan's thoughts: I can't believe I missed 4!!!   Stupid test :P

intelligence_visual.jpg (6962 bytes)The Multiple Intelligences Test

Dan, you're smartest when it comes to visual/spatial intelligence.

Others may take their environments for granted but not you. Because of your visual/spatial intelligence you really see the world around you. This strength often helps you better appreciate the beauty and detail in everyday things. From shapes in nature to the structure of a fine automobile, a countless variety of things hold your interest.

Having this particular kind of heightened awareness can allow you to form accurate mental images of existing places and objects. In extreme cases, one might call this strength a photographic memory. Being visually/spatially intelligent also means that you likely have a vivid imagination that can be put to use in a variety of creative or professional endeavors.

Dan's thoughts: Ahh yes...Here's where my creativity comes from.  See, left brainers can be creative too! :)

original_iq.jpg (10468 bytes)The Original IQ Test

Congratulations, Dan!  Your IQ score is 129.

This number is the result of a formula based on how many questions you answered correctly on Emode's Ultimate IQ test.

During the test, you answered four different types of questions — mathematical, visual-spatial, linguistic and logical. We analyzed how you did on each of those questions which reveals how your brain uniquely works.

We also compared your answers with others who have taken the test, and according to the sorts of questions you got correct, we can tell your Intellectual Type is Visual Mathematician.

This means you are gifted at spotting patterns — both in pictures and in numbers. These talents combined with your overall high intelligence make you good at understanding the big picture, which is why people trust your instincts and turn to you for direction — especially in the workplace. And that's just some of what we know about you from your test results.

Dan's thoughts: It's difficult to believe any of these onlines IQ tests (I've taken plenty!).  But, if you can overlook the #, there's very good information there.  That's what separates this test from the rest.


Mind Tests

The Brain Test

The Brainteaser Test

The Multiple Intelligences Test

The Original IQ Test

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