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For all the ladies out there.   Here's some good "us" material.  You want to get to know me?   This will help your approach (assuming I don't come after you first).


Welcome to the Relationship Tests Section

original_iq.jpg (10468 bytes)The Attraction Factor

Dan, on a scale of 1-100, your attraction factor is 66!

How did we determine your attractiveness score? While you were taking the test, we measured your responses to questions on 5 attraction dimensions — appearance, attitude, body maintenance, energy and behavior.

Here's what we found out: While your overall attraction factor is 66, you are getting most noticed by others for your appearance.

Dan's thoughts: Ok, that image needs to change!   Hmm, this test didn't tell me jack.  Ok, so I get noticed mostly because of my looks...?!?  REally?  Then I must have a huge deficit in another department!!   What gives?!  I need to buy this test to read the results...

relationship_iq.jpg (9008 bytes)The Relationship IQ Test

Dan, your Relationship IQ is 124.

This number is the result of a formula based on how many questions you answered correctly on Emode's Relationship IQ test.

Your Relationship IQ score is a number that measures your general knowledge of how people should behave in relationships. But we also took a look at how you behave in your relationships.

Your test results tell us that your greatest relationship strength is expressing your intimate feelings while your weakest is ???.

Dan's thoughts: Oh man...that's just wrong.   They didn't tell me!!  #$%$^#%&^#...These tests suck!

soulmate.jpg (8053 bytes)What Are You Looking for in a Relationship?

Dan, you're looking for a Soul Mate.

Who needs a fling when what you want is the whole fairytale: long walks on the beach, up-all-night conversations, and watching sunrises/sunsets in each other's arms. You're probably a picky dater who doesn't connect with just anyone. Sure a strong intellectual streak, loyalty, and a great sense of humor are terrific selling points. But if your dates can't savor romance like you do, it might not be the perfect match you're dreaming of. You're hoping to find your other half, that one person who can finish your sentences, someone who really 'gets' your inner emotions. And until you find them, you probably don't mind flying solo every now and then. That's because deep down, you know that being with the wrong someone is just an obstacle to being with your one-and-only. So even as you're reading this and thinking about how to find them, know that somewhere out there, they're probably wondering the same about you. It's just a matter of time.

Dan's thoughts: Ya, I know she's out there.   Somehow I get the feeling we passed each other up.

stillsingle.jpg (11800 bytes)Why Are You Still Single?

Dan, you're single because you don't want to commit.

Once the blush of first love wears off with your partners, do you get a little antsy? You probably crave excitement in all realms of your life, and you need a relationship to keep you filled with possibilities. Let us guess: Someone has probably told you that you haven't quite grown up yet, that you're still holding out for the perfect "whatevers" (job, car, home, date) in your life to come a knockin'. Or perhaps you're just having a difficult time accepting that your comfortable little place in this world is always growing, always evolving — and that means you have to be willing to accept big life changes, too. Not that there's anything wrong with that. After all, you're probably a lot of fun to be around and may be the life of the party.

But when it comes to settling down, you leave without looking back twice. Now's the time to ask yourself: Why? What's holding you back? Maybe you don't want someone to get to know you fully? Perhaps by saying "yes" to someone, you're afraid you'll lose yourself, or the possibility of something better coming along. Just remember that the best relationships are those that never stop growing. That's something you can identify with, right? So keep that in mind next time you find someone you're really comfortable with. You never know, it may prove even more exciting once you really get to know each other, teensy flaws and all.

Dan's thoughts:  I'm not afraid of commitment.  I just have my "timeline" so to speak, that I'm trying to follow.  A good analogy might be this:  I'm not going to jump out of an airplane until I know the parachute is on and ready to be used.

Are You a Suave Guy?

suave.jpg (8502 bytes)

Although you might not win the blue ribbon, you're pretty darn good at the dating game! Odds are you're quite the woman-magnet most of the time — it's a rare occasion when you're without an admirer. You're a real charmer, and when your sensitive side kicks in, you can be irresistible. Someone taught you very well. But while you definitely know how to make a woman feel special, there's still a little room for improvement. Make sure you let a girl know how much you appreciate her with your words and attentive behavior. Listening to your date and expressing your feelings are sure-fire ways to capture her heart. So, keep up the good work — at the rate you're going, you won't be on the market much longer!

Dan's thoughts:  I'm workin on it...

What Type of Flirt Are You?

Just how far will you go for romance? We think it's pretty safe to say that you're a Stalker Flirt — you'll do whatever it takes to get closer to your object of affection. You're willing to take emotional risks in the name of flirting. A few background checks? Only natural. Grilling friends and loved ones? But of course. You'll definitely go out on a limb to let someone know you're interested. Sure, being a stalker flirt gives you the advantage of being direct, but this approach can also open you up for rejection. When you put yourself on the line, you've got to be prepared to face any potential consequences. Even worse, people might get scared away by your intensity. Don't get us wrong: It takes a lot of courage to actively flirt with someone you're really into, so kudos to you for going for it! Just keep it in check, and you'll be all set.

Dan's thoughts:  OMG...Fear that!!!   Stalker Flirt!  These tests are bogus!!!  Hmmm...I shouldn't be giving out this information! haha


Relationship Tests

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The Relationship IQ Test

What Are You Looking for in a Relationship?

Why Are You Still Single?

Are You a Suave Guy?

What Type of Flirt Are You?

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