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'Only the best' is my motto.  I have rated each page on a scale of 1 to 3, with 3 being the best!  Keep in mind, these sites are hand picked, so you are sure to get the best of what's out there, even on a site rated 1!!  Some sites may not have an associating rank.  I did not rank these sites for any # of reasons.  But, don't dismiss them as low quality sites.  They could very well be worth a visit.

Note: Ratings may change on occassion (without warning), depending on Dan's mood :)

These banner links are to Top Site Wallpaper / Theme Sites...visit them to find lots of
wallpaper sites and help Dan get a top rank among them!  Thanks!

Quality Wallpaper Top Sites

1AAA Top Sites

Phantom Star Top 200 Desktop Themes

Nova Tree Top Sites


Weblounge Top Sites

Links are listed by rating.

3+ DeskMod: One stop source for your desktop needs!  This site rocks due to it's dynamic's a always changing compilation of many peoples work.
3+ Traietti Studios: Unique style, stunning wallpapers!  Go there! :)
3 Desktop Supermodel: Beautifully designed work and great site.
3 Digital Blasphemy: Great 3D digital artwork in wallpaper sizes!


S.W. Choe Female Celebrity Wallpapers: High quality artistic style.

1 Dreamgirls Wallpaper: Lots of high quality (ableit simple - usually 1 image) wallpapers

If you have a link you'd like me to add, send it to me and I'll check the site.  All links must have wallpapers of some kind.  And I'd appreciate a return link.  I will also be adding a few small banners (88X31) to the top of this page.  They will be select sites, though.

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