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Dec 22, 10:04 A.M. ('10)

man its been a long time since i posted on here. or it just feels like it. anyways, hope everyone is doing well. yes the weather has been crazy. i almost got in a car accident on the freeway driving home the other night. a truck cut into my lane and hydroplaned and turned 180. i was staring at his headlights on the freeway while driving 45 mph. not good. luckily he had momentum and slid across my lane and into the right shoulder barrier. he didn't hit anyone. that event rattled me so the following night i just took the side streets home. much safer. lol.

nice roommate dan! is she the volleyball coach you mentioned? how much are you charging for rent i'm curious. are you gonna be in irvine this weekend? wanna go see tron on sunday? or maybe sat night?

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