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Feb 07, 01:30 A.M. ('08)

Danny: I know what you mean about enjoying being poor!

I work most weekends, too. I do freelance web design and usually have a project or two I'm working on on nights/weekends because of deadlines for clients... it's pretty good side money, and pretty easy work, but sometimes you just need time to do nothing!

The problem is, I can't say no to someone that's willing to give me money.

I also take CS classes part time, so I do that on evenings and weekends.

Currently I'm taking online classes (Perl, MySQL/PHP) as well, but not for credit. I guess I don't need to mention that I haven't even looked at them... have to do that soon.

So when do other things get done-- cleaning the house, doing laundry, cleaning the dog, shopping, sleeping? I don't know, I find time somehow

Congrats on making your hobby profitable, that's always cool!

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